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Kibbo Kift Chronology

World Time
Design for a clock showing "World Time" a system developed by the Kibbo Kift. 




1894 June 6                  John Hargrave born.
1908 Joins Boy Scout Movement and receives name White Fox.
1913 Army service in RAMC. (Dardanelles campaign). Invalided out.
1917 Appointed by Baden-Powell Commissioner for Woodcraft and Camping.
1920 May Words "Kibbo Kift" first used in Scout magazine "The Trail".
1920 June The Seven Points of the Kin Covenant promulgated.
1920 August 18 First Althing of the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift held at Denison House, London.



"To draw apart from the mass"

1921 January 13              Hargrave "excommunicated" from Boy Scout Movement.
The Kindred develops outdoor and camping activities.
  • Althing (Whitsuntide)
  • Gleemote (Autumn)
  • Kin Feast (Winter)
  • Easter Hike
1922 Publication of periodicals begins - "The Mark", "The Nomad".
1923 Hargrave introduced to C.H. Douglas (author of "Economic Democracy", 1919 etc.)
1924 Kindred begins study of Social Credit.
1927 June Douglas Social Credit added to third clause of Kin Covenant.
1927 August First Dexter Fam Camp (for children).
1927 November Publication of "The Confession of the Kibbo Kift"
1928 August Second Dexter Fam Camp
Formation of Company of Archers, Teacher's Guild, etc.
1929 April Kibbo Kift Exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery.
1929 November 11 Wreath laid on Cenotaph (and annually thereafter).
1931 January 3 John Hargrave, speaking at Kin Feast, opens Second Phase.



"To fashion the human instrument"

1931 January                        George Hickling forms Legion of Unemployed in Coventry wearing green shirts supplied by Kibbo Kift.
Kindred reorganised on para-military lines, with simplified uniform, etc. Adopts popular name "The Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit".
1932 May First issue of Front Line.
Headquarters opened at 35, Old Jewry (in April 1934 it moved to 44, Little Britain).
1932 June 9 First open-air meeting held in Lewisham High Street (up to October 1934, 3,426 open-air meetings and 32 demonstrations held, 56,000 newspapers sold, 223,000 leaflets distributed.)
1932 November "Green Shirt" uniform adopted for all ranks.
1933 January 25 Letter of support from C.H. Douglas.
1933 May 6 First issue of "Attack" (published regularly until October 1937).
1934 May 16 Deputations to Bank of England and 10, Downing St.
1934 June 27 Green painted brick thrown through the window of 11, Downing Street.
1934 July 4 Lord Straboli receives deputation of Green Shirts, and raises question of National Dividend in House of Lords (also mentioned in House of Commons).
1934 November 5 Deputation to P.C. Loftus, M.P., at House of Commons.
1935 August 24 Victory of Aberhart's Social Credit Party in Alberta. Douglas fails to act.
1935 September 16 Name changed to "Social Credit Party of Great Britain".



"To return to the people"

1935 November 14                     General Election. W. Townend receives 11.01% of votes at South Leeds.
1935 December Draft Social Credit Bill published.
1936 November 13 Hargrave goes to Alberta, and is appointed Economic Advisor to Alberta Government; draws up "Hargrave Plan"
1936 Nov/Dec Abdication Crisis.
1937 January 1 Public Order Act comes into force, banning political uniforms. Alternative forms of pageantry and propaganda developed.
1937 July 16 Green Shirt Kathleen Milnes presents illuminated address to Duke of Windsor.
1937 July 30 Hargrave invents "first succesful moving map for aircraft".
1937 October 11 "Hands off Alberta!" painted in green on Bank of England.
1938 February 20 Green-painted brick thrown through window of Bank of Montreal, Threadneedle Street.
1938 March 2. Weekly "Message from Hargrave" issued (continued until March 4 1951.)
1938 March 24 First shout "Social Credit the Only Remedy!" from public gallery of House of Commons.
1938 May 1 Demonstration with empty green shirts on poles.
Green bricks thrown again at 10, Downing Street.
1938 July 20 Open break with Douglas at Chiltern Court meeting.
1938 October 28 Coventry petition to King demanding enquiry into money system.
1938 November 5 Effigy of Montagu Norman burnt outside Bank of England.
1939 January 10 Sheaf of Wheat burnt outside meeting of Wheat Commission - "They burn the wheat we want to eat!".
1939 April 25 "Conscript the Bankers First!" demonstration in Throgmorton Street.
1939 May 27 Fighting Programme adopted (published August 1).
1939 June 7 Model I of Hargrave Automatic Naviyator successfully tested at RAF School of Navigation.
1939 July 22 Smethick Petition.
1939 September 3 Outbreak of war.
1939 November 30 Hargrave publishes "Professor Skinner Alias Montagu Norman."
1940 February 29 "Robin Hood" shoots arrow at 10, Downing Street.
1940 March 6 Effigy of Montagu Norman thrown at entrance of Bank of England (perpetrator sentenced to three months hard labour).
1940 March 9 Headquarters moved to 2, Fitzroy Street.
1940 March 19 Hargrave publishes "Words Win Wars"
1940 April 23 Woman in green crinoline dress - "Out-of-Date - Like the Money System" - protests to Chancellor of the Exchequer.
1940 October 6 Air Ministry regrets it has "no interest in testing" Hargrave Navigator until after the war.
1941 January 2 "Britain Debt Free!" painted on Bank of England.
1941 May 10 National Headquarters destroyed by direct hit (previously damaged Sep. 13, Sep. 25, Oct. 13).
1942 May 22 "Britain Can Feed Herself" campaign launched.
1943 Development of Solar propaganda.
1943 February 4 Archbishop of Canterbury (William Temple) expresses support for Social Credit, but in May withdraws statement because his name was used in a leaflet "along with an astrologer" (!).
1944 February 18 Hargrave refers in Message to his healing powers.
Beginning of healing work.
1945 May 8 VE-day.
1945 May 26 First Party meeting since National Assembly 1939 held at Conway Hall.



Post-War Revival

1945 June 24  Headquarters opened at 33, Craven Terrace.
Recruiting and fund raising activities.
1945 December 12 "Brittania" demonstration against Bretton Woods Agreement.
1946 January 1 "Social Credit Clearly Explained" published.
1946 March 1 Dedication ceremony for First National Evangel Missioner. (Mission continued until Oct. 1947.)
1946 July 1 "Atomic Energy - Life or Death" demonstration in Whitehall.
1946 July 20 "Down with Bread Rationing!" demonstration.
1947 June 7 Banner Demonstration at Epsom Derby.
1947 August 16 Banner Demonstration at the Oval (Test Match).
1947 November 28 Hargrave declares intention to stand for Parliament.
1948 May 15 First Post-War National Assembly.
1948 November First issue of monthly Solar Message to Party members.
SCP Agricultural and Husbandry Group formed.
1949 November 4 Hargrave speaks to 5,000 OAP's at Central Hall, Westminster.
1950 February 23 General Election: Hargrave wins 551 votes at Stoke Newington and Hackney.
1950 November 16 First of eight monthly shouts "Social Credit The Only Remedy!" from public gallery of House of Commons.
1951 April 29 Extraordinary Meeting of Party passes resolution "to dissolve as an Organisation on May 12, 1951, at 6.00 pm."



1967                                 Published details of Concorde show use of Hargrave's Automatic Navigator for Aircraft - the "moving map" device. Hargrave begins 9-year campaign for recognition and financial reward.
1976 May 10 Public Enquiry opens at Picadilly Hotel, London.
1976 June 10 Rock opera The Kibbo Kift opens at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (subsequently repeated at Edinburgh Festival and Crucible Theatre, Sheffield).
1976 June 16 Referee T.H. Bingham, Q.C., accepts Hargrave's claim that the "moving-map" is based on his invention, but disallows ex-gratia award on a trivial technicality.
1977 December 12 Kibbo Kift Foundation formed under the chairmanship of John Hargrave "for the purpose of providing an authority and permanent owner of the archive and regalia".
1978 April Archives deposited at Cardiff University Library and robes, regalia, banners, etc., at Sudbury Hall (National Trust Property), Derbyshire.
1979 June Republication of "The Confession of the Kibbo Kift"
1979 August 10 Official Handing-over Ceremony of the archives at University College Cardiff. Exhibition of the regalia at the Welsh Folk Museum, St. Fagans.
1980 September 20 The Kibbo Kift Foundation's collection of regalia, robes, banners etc., deposited at the Museum of London, in an official Handing-over Ceremony.
1981 June 6 Reunion of Kindred and Green Shirts at Ashton-Under-Hill, Worcs., on the occasion of Hargrave's 87th birthday.
1982 November 21 John Hargrave dies.
1984 June 6 Reunion on the occasion of the unveiling of Hargrave's memorial stone in Hampstead Cemetery.
1984 September 2 Death of Prof. Laurence Elwell-Sutton, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation.
1984 September The Kibbo Kift archive is transferred to the British Library of Political and Economic Science (London School of Economics).
1984 The final entry, recording the death of White Fox is made in the Kinlog; the official, illuminated history of the Movement.
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