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The Anthem of the Green Shirt Movement



Wake now the Dead!
The Living Dead who stand
Waiting for the Call
That will echo through the land!
Green Shirts advance!
The steadfast and the strong
Rally to the ranks
As the Hosts march on!

Dead Men arise
From the catacombs of Death!
Rise from the grave
To breath the Living Breath!
Break, now, the Spell
Cast by numbers over Things
Fight for your Life
To which the Spirit clings!

Wake, now, the Dead!
The Spirit-quickened Host,
Resurected Men,
From the inlands to the coast!
Men of the Green!
Upswing the Shaft of Light
Sweeping like a sword
In the World's Last Fight

Dead Men arise etc.

Count of four

Wake, now, the Dead!
By numbers held in thrall;
On this fruitful Earth
There is Earth-wealth for all!

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